13th Gen Raptor? Why Wait.... E.3-Lights, Bumpers, Action!

Regardless of how many horsepower your motor produces, or how much travel you suspension has..... A good time is always a good time, and generally you out last the sun and have to make the trek back home in the dark. What good is a fully modded truck that you can only have fun with for 50% of the time. You need LIGHTS!!!! But first you have to have a bitchin bumper to mount those lights to. We chose the Rogue Racing Rebel Front and Rear bumper for this beast. This bumper provides and aggressive style and an increased approach angle to help you not smash the skid plate when your mashing it through some gnarly sh*t.

For this build we chose Baja Designs as our lighting vendor, and Squadrons as the light because they provide phenomenal amount of light at an adequate cost. The ability to switch from white light to amber with a simple click of a cover, is also a great feature with these lights.

Sometimes when there is room for 1, there is room for 10.


With these lights, you can easily run all white, all amber or what we decided on, a multi switched combination of both.

Product links:

Baja Designs Squadron:


Rogue Racing Rebel:


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