13th Gen Raptor? Why Wait.... E.2-Width, Droop, and Bump

One of the main characteristics that leads to a stable feel while driving off-road at speed, is width. To an extent the wider the track width (NOT SPACERS), the better the truck will feel. Increasing the width also allows for a longer shock, more travel, and various other goodies to go along with it. In order to increase the track width, you need to upgrade all of the front components. The Lower Control Arm (LCA), Upper Control Arm (UCA), Upright, CV shaft, Brake lines, and Tierods all have to be replaced.

Strength is always a crucial part of suspension longevity. A basic comparison of the LCA's shows exactly how the fully boxed design will allow for more longevity.

This suspension system allow for a #kingshocks Raptor OE 3.0 Coilover to be installed. Much larger diameter than the factory OE shock from Ford. This will provide greater dampening and stabilization of the truck. There is no replacement for big shocks, period!

For the rear of this truck, it required equal attention. You cant have a balanced truck with out giving attention to both ends. With the release of the Gen 13 F150 Ford decided to flip the rear shock orientation so that one shock mounts forward, the other rearward. Rogue Racing has developed a rear bumpstop kit that integrates the shock mounts and re-orients them both forward, as designed on the Gen 12. This allows for all of the bigger shocks already designed to fit on this chassis. In addition to a King 3.0 OE shock, the kit provides mounting for a 2.5 Bumpstop as well. Pair those with a Deaver leaf pack, and you have a well balance rear suspension setup.

Next up.... Lights.... Stay tuned

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