13th Gen Raptor? Why Wait.... E.1-Alittle Nip/Tuck body work.

So, your 12th Gen Raptor getting up there in mileage, or you've simply just played too hard with it. Why wait for the new Ford Performance Off-Road juggernaut? We are building your answer! We have started with a 2015 F150 Lariat 5.0.

The first phase involves new glass all the way around. Fiberwerx has come through with a slam dunk on the new front fenders, headlight bezels and new bedsides. These increase the width of the truck by 2 inches and raises the wheel wells 2 inches. This will provide adequate coverage for the new General Grabber 37" tires (Red Letters out).

It was painful stripping and modifying the aluminum body panels on a brand new truck. Many people said we were crazy. We used a spare 2013 Raptor wheel and tire combo to begin to clearance the front suspension in preperation for new goodies. (V2 Blog Entry).

The fitment of the new glass required alittle bit of work, but will look phenominal once painted.

Next up, the removal of the bed. Like the generations before it, a few bed bolts and a couple of muscles and the bed comes right off. One extreme difference is that this generation of F150 has aluminum panels which parlays into a huge weight savings in for the bed. This was removed with little to no effort.

Like the front, the bedsides went on with a little massaging, but once fitted they look great.

Some sneak peaks of the finished install.

On to phase II of this build.

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