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Since our inception in 2012, Texas Motorworx has been committed to serving the off-road culture as a deluxe performance shop. Our goal is to help customers build their dream trucks by focusing on their thoughts and desires throughout the process. This customer centric approach ensures every purchase brings our clients a step closer to building their ultimate off-road truck.


As engineers and enthusiasts, we saw the need for a shop with the skill and knowledge to service this complex market correctly on the first try, every time. We understand every component we install both internally and as part of the overall system. By providing this comprehensive review we're able to ensure the overall build and performance of the truck moves forward in the direction the customer desires.


As part of our commitment to optimum performance, we supply, install and service all of the highest quality brands. As enthusiasts we also personally run most of the brands we represent giving us real world performance experience. This expertise coupled with our educational background has resulted in a partnership with leading vendors to collaborate efforts towards research and development for continuous improvement and innovation. Our recommendation is not what's best for us to sell; it's what we believe would best meet our customer's desires. We pride ourselves on getting each truck build right with quality parts, service and expertise.

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